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WHU holds classic movie panorama at Meiyuan Playground
Author:Wang Jiashu & Song Miao  Date:2024-01-04  Clicks:

During Wuhan University’s 130th anniversary celebrations, a classic movie panorama themed Memory of the Past was screened at Meiyuan Playground from  November 3 to December 8. With teachers and students suggesting their all-time favorites, this activity was conceivably an extensive assimilation of 13 oldies and classic movies, that successfully impressed their audience.


The poster of the Movie Panorama (Credits: WeChat)

For instance, look at the day The Shawshank Redemption was screened. At sunset, the bright projector in the booth lit up, preparing for its mission. Students gradually gathered, some even bringing their own stools, to immerse themselves in the movie’s world. With music suddenly breaking the silence, frames flashed onto the giant screen, casting this classic, enduring masterpiece into every viewer’s heart.


The movie The Shawshank Redemption on the giant screen. (Credits: Wang Jiashu)

Despite an unexpected onset of rain, neither the biting wind nor the damp conditions failed to dampen the audience’s enthusiasm. Instead, the vacant seats were barely noticed by an audience immersed in the fascinating movie. Students were willing to tolerate the unpleasant weather for the mere sake of indulging themselves in the classic plot.

The movie was so engrossing that viewers even identified with the movie’s characters. When Andy, the hero in the movie, finally escapes from Shawshank and gets the chance to pursue the freedom he had desired for years, some students even clapped their hands, showing their respect for his invincible spirit.


The scene showing Andy after his successful escape. (Credits: Wang Jiashu)

According to a student who watched the film, the movie The Shawshank Redemption was a brilliant choice for this panorama for conveying a spirit of perseverance and patience, which holds particular significance in the current context. And, Andy also taught him how to find direction in his own life.

From Songqing Gymnasium to Meiyuan Playground, the outdoor cinema activity has witnessed countless unforgettable moments during its 70-year existence. It not only provides students with recreational places to relax from the pressures of college work, but also teaches the audience the shining merits of human nature. Sitting on the benches, students can watch free movies every Friday night, creating precious memories of their campus life.

Photo by Wang Jiashu

Edited by Yang Caiyi, Cao Hangqian


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