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Moon and sun time lapse
Author:Zhang Juchen and Zhang Ziyao  Date:2024-01-07  Clicks:

On an autumn afternoon, when the wind blows gently and the sun shines brightly, you wander about campus just after class. The sky just lies there quietly, gentle and blue, as the clouds waft through the cool autumn air. Immersed in the autumn vibe, you find the moon hanging up high in the sky.

Slowly, the clouds drift away, leaving dusk to arrive, leaving the moon to shine. In the clear sky, there is nothing but a moon shining its clear light onto the ground, bidding farewell to the last remnants of a cloud.

The clouds glide away freely, all the way towards the setting sun. As the last rays of the warm autumn sun gradually disappear into the clouds, the sky is tinged with pink.

At dusk, before night takes charge, you roam along the path of Shizi Hill. When you reach the end of Love Road, pick up a leaf, listen to the whispering breeze and gaze upon the sunset, paying tribute to the elapsed time.

Love Road guides you to the top of the Cherry Castle, where you can catch sight of the sunset. The ancient Cherry Castle, together with the Administration Building facing it, watches the sunset, witnessing over hundreds of years of history.

The sun sets and the moon rises. As the setting sun fades, the moon finds its way through the darkness to reveal its magnificence in the sky. Once the warmth of the sun has disappeared, the moon takes charge.

The moon in autumn is unique, and this uniqueness is found nowhere but in Luojia. It is always in the most pleasant autumn hours of the year that you can encounter the fullest moon.

Just like autumn brings us a chill and the sun brings us warmth, the moon in autumn sometimes gives the world unexpected surprises. Besides the reserved moonlight, the moon can also bring comfort, just like the warmth emanated by life.

Hours pass, and the moon fades. Early morning mist blocks the sky. With a glimpse of light appearing in the southeastern sky, traces of the moon begin to disappear. The tenderness of dawn melts the mist, giving the world warmth and life again.

The moon falls and the sun rises. And there goes another story of autumn.

Edited by Huang Xiaoying


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