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Cherry Blossom-Glad to see you again
Author:Yang Qian  Date:2019-04-28  Clicks:

Every year at the end of March, Wuhan University embraces the most beautiful season - the Cherry Blossom Season. These little pink and white creations burst into bloom overnightsilently radiating clusters of overwhelming beauty.





The leaves of the cherry blossoms are teardrop-shaped, with tiny pubescence around the edges.undefined351A9

Those blushing  pink petals are as lovely as maiden’s crimson cheeks; there are also fresh blossoms with looming stamens some in full bloom, standing proudly on the branches , with their light pink petals fluttering in the wind.


During this season, every passer-by on Yinghua Road (Cherry Blossom Road) cannot resist the temptation to look up and appreciate the fascinating blossoms. Against the backdrop of the cherry blossoms, the red windows appear even more charming.



With wind blowing, the cherry blossoms flutter down, and the shadow of spring hid behind the flying petals.


Cherry blossoms are like snow, only more gorgeous; like clouds, only purer. .......

Immersed in this blossom-carpeted campus, I feel indulged in the petals that cross my cheeks, in the aromatic breeze and the beauty of spring.

Rewritten by Zheng Xiaoxia

Edited by Zhang Shiqi, Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia and Shi Weiya


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