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Ten cherry blossom impressions in WHU
Author:Yang Ziqing  Date:2019-05-07  Clicks:

 Peach-scented cherry blossoms

Pink cherry blossoms, like the Cerasus 'Introrsa', smell like silken-soft, honey-sweet peaches that can offer you a whole day’s delight. In the pink spring, the breeze travelling from far away will tickle our pistil-like ponytails. 

Mint-scented cherry blossoms

Dew soaked the air after the rain. The most beautiful memory is not the rainy days, nor the eave sheltering us from the rain, but our wandering along the moist Cherry Blossom Avenue, greeted by a mint-cool kiss.

Brown-sugar cherry blossoms

The unfiltered white cherry blossoms against the nightfall are as mellow as unrefined brown sugar, prolonging this fascinating season with their original and natural flavor.

Taro-scented cherry blossoms

Roaming through the ocean of cherry blossoms, you will be indulged in the taro-purple dreams. The campus, cloaked in a violet dress, is like a mild lady, inviting you to protect the blooming spring.

Bubble-gum cherry blossoms

Cartoon pictures of cherry blossoms, full of bubble-gum flavor, bear wonderful memories of this campus but are not as fragile and fleeting as soap bubbles. When you chew and blow bubble gums, you’re enchanted as if your dream flies away.

Blueberry-scented cherry blossoms

As night falls, come to the Cherry Blossom Garden and see clusters of flowers glistering, either under the streetlight or beside the Old Dormitory. Sometimes a gentle breeze stirs the petals, causing them to flutter like dancing snowflakes and white catkins.

Milk-scented cherry blossoms

Milk looks smooth and feels silky. Cherry blossoms with this scent grow silently but bloom in a high-profile beauty. Little bees hover over a spray of cherry blossoms with milky-white petals and yellow-tipped stamens.

Cocktail-scented cherry blossoms

When burning clouds appear at sunrise or sunset, rows of cherry blossom trees stand out against the flaming sky, cocktail-like. Just one drop, and you will feel intoxicated.

Hawthorn-scented cherry blossoms

Along the Star Lake in the Faculty of Information Sciences stand several cherry blossom trees. Set off by the orange-colored pavilion and reflected in the sparkling lake, these lovely flowers remind us of the sweet and sour taste of hawthorn fruits.

Dark-chocolate cherry blossoms

The dropping petals of Cerasus 'Introrsa', like dark chocolate with bitter taste, are a reminiscence of sweet memories in full bloom. This fading gives prominence to the past sweetnessmade everlasting by its lingering taste

Do you like cherry blossoms with various flavors?

(Rewritten by Liang Guoying, Edited by Zhang Shiqi, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia)


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