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Hanfu amid cherry blossom
Author:Zhao Yifan  Date:2019-05-14  Clicks:

Cherry blossoms are indulged in the spring warm. In this lovely season, Hanfu (the traditional costume of Han nationality) seems to enjoy great popularity on campus, attracting many amateurs to share the beautiful experience in this traditional culture.

Demure as flowers shining upon the water,

Graceful as willows leaning on the breeze.

The beauty of Hanfu,

flows via the wears’ delicate features, especially their smiling eyes.

When butterfly-like petals are dancing lightheartedly in the air,

Our memory is flying along with these vigorous and lightsome fairies.

Via a passing glimpse, and a memory of beautiful encounter

I hope to secretly bury all our bygones under a cherry tree.

The rainbow dress embellishes a charming flushed cheek. Amid the poetic and picturesque sceneries, someone is staring at the booming spring.

Leaning on the tree trunk, , and raising the eyebrows with the head up, we enjoy the graceful petal rains, whose softness, tenderness and romance bring lingering sentiment and permeate the splendor of spring.

The Hanfu amateurs give a vivid expression to the classic beauty of this traditional costumes, presenting  the profoundness of Chinese culture and its lasting inheritance. .

Hanfu is by no means an ancient wearing, but also a national temperament, an ethnical spirit, and a symbol of a nation, which will be handed down from generation to generation.

Rewritten by:Wu Buer

Edited by Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia

Photo by Zhao Yifan


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