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Cherry blossoms in the moonlight
Author:Chen Yaqi  Date:2019-05-07  Clicks:

Even though the late March cherry blossoms are already fading and falling, the spring rain already injects them with new vitality . Under the moonlight, against the road, the cherry blossoms take on a different beauty

The cherry blossoms cast their mottled silhouette on the wall of the Old Dormitory, intoxicated in the moonlight. The quaint windows and night blossoms convey an elegant and classic glamor as if a piece of melodious Guqing music were to escape from it in a moment’s time. Some leaf-less cherry blossoms still remain in bloom as if these little mavericks were trying to prolong their transient beauty.

The night-time cherry blossoms, cool as an arrogant queen in the white streetlight, but kind and warm like a close friend in the dimness ; pure as snow covering the branches from a distance, but delicate as paintings when viewed from nearby , displaying their glamourous charm in every posture and position.

The Cherry Blossom Road remains the most preferred attraction for tourists with cameras. Even at night, hundreds of enthusiastic visitors come here to take selfies or capture happy moment for others in the fading spring. Perhaps it is not only the affection for cherry blossoms, but also the respect and admiration for the humane connotation hiding behindWHU’s long history and unique culture  .

Rewritten by Zheng Xiaoxia,edited by Zhang Shiqi, Shen Yuxi, Shi Weiya & Hu Sijia


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