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Ancient and modern: Hanfu connects history and fashion
Author:Cui Wenjing  Date:2019-05-22  Clicks:

Hanfu is the traditional dress of the Han nationality, which has taken on different characteristics throughout its historical development. Hanfu shows unique Chinese style intergrating the magnificence of the Han Dynasty, the elegance of the Jin Dynasty, the openness of the Tang Dynasty, and the dignity of the Song Dynasty with the temperance of the Ming Dynasty. The increasing attention and exploration of classical culture has made Hanfu a new fashion. On campus, it's common to see young and energetic students clad in Hanfu. The traditional costumes with unique charm and the historical architecture are adding radiance to each other, initiating a dialogue between the ancient glamour and modern fasion.

(Picture: Wang Zhuo)


(Picture: Yang Qian)

Wan Yanqi is wearing a chest-length Ruqun with short upper cloth and guava skirt. The skirt is narrow and wide, drooping to the ground. A silk strip serves as skirt waistband and the ends are sewn with lacing.

(Picture: Liu Kun)

Li Mengyuan is in a Ming style Aoqun holding a round fan. The upper cloth is a jacket with stand-up collar and several buttons. The undercloth is a horse-faced, pleated skirt.


(Picture: Yang Qian)


(Picture:Wang Zhuo)

The enhanced Ruqun of the Tang Dynasty and the Aoqun of the Ming Dynasty, with a more convenient hair accessory, never fail to radiate their charm. History changes, fashion fade, but the history of the classics is outside the realm of time. In this open and inclusive university, we are recording and inheriting this classical beauty

Photo by: Wang Zhuo, Yang Qian, Liu Kun

Model: Li Mengyuan, Wan Yanqi

Rewritten by: Cao Siyi

Edited by Shen Yuxi, Shi Weiya & Hu Sijia


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