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Ye Huaiqian: WHU student and author of the hit song “Sakura & you”
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When the Cherry Blossom Festival comes,

I’ll pick a day, breezy and sunny,

Holding your hands in a petal rain,

To see the boys and girls, young and old;

And I,

Will indulge in your eyes, your smile,



Friday again,

The movies playing in Meicao is your favorite;

We study in the library,

My love for you is like an endless book;

The sunrise at East Lake,

The sunset at Wanlin Art Museum,

Record the golden age in my life.

The song “Sakura & you” was written and composed by WHU student Ye Huaiqian, together with his friend Zeng Dafu as the producer, to celebrate the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Ye, an independent musician, is the composer and lyricist of the song. “Sakura & you” became an instant hit in WHU during the festival due to its lively melody and its youthful attitude. Later, the song was chosen as the background music to WHU’s promotional documentary. NetEase Music, one of China’s most famous music Apps, also included “Sakura & you” in Ye’s best personal collection.

Poster of “Sakura & you”

The song’s title “Sakura & You” was a flash of inspiration. Scenes like watching the sunrise at East Lake, the sunset at Wanlin Art Museum, as well as movies played in Meicao every Friday, all feature in the lyrics. “It’s WHUers’ daily life. I believe that many couples have made such kind of warm and romantic memories on the campus,” Ye said, “Snippets of WHUers’ daily life will resonate with everyone who loves WHU.” Ye hopes that “Sakura & you” will leave a good impression of WHU on people across society and that it will encourage high school students to work harder and embrace the idea of college life in the future.

Zeng Dafu, an electronic producer and the leader of Original Music Association of WHU, is a sophomore from the School of Geodesy and Geomatics. Ye Huaiqian and Zeng Dafu have known each other from the WHU’s Art Association. They are both members there and share a common hobby of creating original music. For another song, “Stars River”, which was created by Ye in 2017, Zeng was responsible for part of the arrangement and remixing another version of it.


Zeng and Ye are playing “Sakura & you” on the stage.

Sakura & you” has been played many times in public. “We performed during a national business case analysis competition, and sometimes we sing live in front of friends’ as a warming-up,” said Ye. The audiences, especially WHUers, enjoy it a lot. Tang Heming, a student from the School of Foreign Language and Literature, was impressed: “It’s hard to believe our peers have such amazing talent for original music creation. I really want to have a boyfriend and watch the sunset with him like the song describes. Both the style and melody are popular. I am looking forward to appreciating more works from Ye”.


Ye is playing guitar on stage.

Besides creating songs relevant to campus life, personal ideals are also expressed in Ye’s songs. “Deeply in love” was created in New York City following his summer program in Harvard University. On the plane back to China, he organized his thoughts and completed the whole song. “Ye is really low-profile”, commented a fan of him, “He never deliberately promotes his songs and does not care much about others’ opinions”. Some friends also suggested that more promotion will make his songs much more popular. “Well, in fact I am happy enough to express what I want. As for others’ ideas, they never bother me,” responded Ye.


Ye’s candid photo

Ye started playing the drum set at an early age and continued until he graduated from high school. After that, he started composing songs. In daily life, he runs marathons and does a lot of photography. As president of the student union in the School of Economics and Management, Ye also enjoys a good reputation for strong leadership. Among all of these roles he plays, being a songwriter is one of his favorites. Ye says, “I will hold on to creating original songs. It gives me such enjoyment and accomplishment. Music is just a big part of my life.”

Photo by Ye Huaiqian

Edited by Zhou Siyan, Wei Junyi, Zheng Yayun, Shi Weiya & Hu Sijia


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