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WHU delegation visits Banha University, Egypt
Author:Liu Xiaojing, Wan Qian  Date:2019-05-29  Clicks:

In April, a delegation of seven students and two leading teachers from Wuhan University, together with another delegation from Huazhong Agricultural University, visit Banha University in Egypt.

WHU delegation with Banha University top management

Since the signing of the agreement between Wuhan University and Banha University, more than 10 students from Banha University have come to Wuhan University to study under the scholarship program, and more than 20 students from Wuhan University have gone to Banha University for a two-week exchange program. Much to our joy, exchange students from both sides have given very positive feedback.

WHU delegation in front of a pyramid

Traveling up the Nile River from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan, the WHU delegation visited Egypt's most celebrated historical sites, such as the pyramids, the Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings. The delegation traced the history and culture of Egypt and also experienced local customs.

At Banha University, the WHU delegation also visited various faculties such as veterinary medicine, economics and computer science. They explored the diverse laboratories and well-resourced classrooms on campus, thus getting a taste of the vibrant campus life.

WHU delegate communicating with faculty members

One of the students from WHU, Wang Honghong from the School of Journalism and Communication said, “Mysterious and ancient Egyptian culture, magnificent historical sites, and warm Egyptian friends are all very impressive and fantastic. We really made an unforgettable and lifelong memory along the beautiful Nile.” The educators also expressed their appreciation and praise for this project, indicating that it would be great if the friendly communications between Wuhan University and Banha University could be further strengthened in the future.

Edited by Xu Yixian, Geng Jinwei, Shi Weiya & Hu Sijia


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