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The most adorable “navy blue” of the military training
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The golden September came with cool days. Even after several days of autumn rain, WHUers’ “blue camouflage” figures on the playground still formed a lively picture. The military training is the first step for freshmen to adapt to the college life. It is also a required course for them to temper their will and cultivate military responsibilities.

Glimpses of WHUers’ military posture

Standing in the military posture was the beginning of the training. “Stand straight. Hold the abdomen in. Keep shoulders open. Slightly lean forward...” Only then did students realize that the upright postures of soldiers they have seen on TV were achieved through such effort. Even the simplest action was not easy to take.


 On the 912 Playground (the place where Chairman Mao received students and staff of universities in Wuhan on September 12th, 1958), students are attentively listening to the drillmaster’s instruction.


On the Guiyuan Playground, students in blue camouflage stand in orderly rows.


Students stand like straight white poplars.


At the end of the morning training, students line up with small stools in their hands, waiting for the chief instructor to review.

Figures in blue camouflage

All kinds of military training began, including march, salute, boxing, shooting and the fire drill… The young freshmen were gradually turning into qualified soldiers.


Knowing how to swing arms is the first step to learn the goose step.


Stand at attention! Salute!


Military sports boxing. Come on!

Students who touch the rifles for the first time are aiming at the target attentively.

The fire drill

Shots of the military review

At the end of the military training, students were ready for the review of the school leaders and the assessment of the chief instructor. The freshmen of each regiment showed their best spirits, yelled out the ringing slogans, and took the most powerful steps forward.


On the playground, the instructor is checking the outcomes of the military training sessions.

Hold up the head high and stride forward.

Salute to school leaders.


During the military review, the pacesetter stands still with his head held high.

Pains, joys, laughter and tears mixed together in the military training. Although it has come to an end, the blue camouflage on the playground will always be the most vivid bottom color of freshmen’s college life.

Rewritten by: Li Tiantian

Edited by: Qin Shihan


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