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The 32nd Golden Autumn Costume Competition: the enjoyment of beauty
Author:Huang Shuting  Date:2020-12-07  Clicks:

The 32nd Golden Autumn Costume Competition, themed “I Am the Master of My Youth”, successfully wrapped up at Wuhan University Zall Stadium on November 22, 2020. The fashion show performed by student models in extravagant costumes designed by the team members enchanted the audience with visual and emotional splendor that night.

Hosts introducing the competition

20 teams participated in the competition this year, each representing a different school. Against the backdrop of fighting against COVID-19, many teams chose the pandemic as the theme of their show, vividly depicting the restored light and hope after the darkness.

Daybreak, presented by the School of Journalism and Communication as the last team, won wild applause, cheers and even screams from the audiences, who were blown away by the magnificent garments, eye-catching props and lively performance.

Daybreak by the School of Journalism and Communication

Hometown,  performed by the Economics and Management School, won the Golden Autumn Cup, the highest honor in the Golden Autumn Festival. By adopting several ancient elements, be it green tile or red lantern, their costumes highlight the abundant cultural connotation and the ethos of the Chinese nation.

Hometown by the Economics and Management School

Behind the visual feast is the little-known effort and persistence, “We were very busy with our study, but we needed to rehearse for 3-4 hours every day in preparation for this competition, so we all felt very tired. But it’s indeed an unforgettable experience for me, so it’s worthwhile and rewarding,”  one of the student models said. On that night, their effort paid off. Their endeavors finally bore fruit and wowed the audience. “I’m deeply impressed by their creativity and ingenuity. During the show, I applauded loudly several times. I feel worthy of trying hard to get a ticket,” a student from the School of Mathematics and Statistics said.

As part of the Golden Autumn Arts Festival, the Golden Autumn Costume Competition came to an end successfully in the late autumn and early winter, leaving the audiences in awe of the visual feast.

Photo by Zou Pengzhi

Edited by Chen Jiaqi, Wei Yena, Yin Xiaoxue, Sylvia and Hu Sijia


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