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The final of the 32nd Golden Autumn Drama Contest held at WHU
Author:Wang Zihao, Lin Hanfei & Li hefeng  Date:2020-11-23  Clicks:

As the maple leaves turn red, the final of the 32nd Golden Autumn Drama Contest of Wuhan University was successfully held at Meiyuan Playground on November 7, 2020. Themed Restart and Leap”, the contest consisted of team competition and individual competition, attracting 27 teams into the preliminary round, among which 15 teams and 7 personal participants got to the finals. The avant-garde drama entitled Never Ending of the School of Journalism and Communication won the championship. 5 teams won the second prize and 8 the third.

The contest is drawing large audiences

“I will go out and take off my mask!” The main actor from the School of Journalism and Communication shouted. Their drama presented a story after virus had been eliminated. Although the physical damage caused by COVID-19 had been alleviated, the mental damage due to the epidemic lasted for a long time. People were unwilling to take off their masks because they had adapted to the life under masks. A time traveler came to this dark era, redeeming people from the crisis of confidence, and encouraging them to remove the masks as well as apathy on their faces.

Stage photo of the drama Never Ending

Blending the element of campus life, their performance got rapturous applause. Wu Chenhao, the crew leader from the School of Journalism and Communication said, “We always sit together, arguing and brainstorming in the rehearsal. In this process, new members fall in love with our drama career, and all the success comes from the devotion to this drama.”

Based on the background of fighting against COVID-19 in Wuhan, multiple plots were featuring the epidemic as the mainstay show in this competition. Opening, performed by the School of History, is an anthropomorphism based on the four treasures of the Hubei Provincial Museum. It described the stories that occurred during the epidemic in Hubei Province from a different perspective, which impressed the audience deeply.

The drama, A Haunted House, presented by the School of Mathematics and Statistics, ranked the third. The story is set in the background where many people suffered from homelessness due to the lockdown during the pandemic. Two guys crept into a seemingly empty house to look for a shelter, only to find that the kind-hearted owner had accommodated many vagrants in her house.

There are also some dramas presenting other themes. The play Temple of Earth and Me, from the School of Electrical Engineering, won the sixth place. From the perspective of a disabled girl, the play demonstrated a transformation from hopelessness to making peace with oneself. The girl in the wheelchair came across several people from different walks of life in the Altar Park and finally overcame her psychological barrier.

Stage photo of the drama Temple of Earth and Me

The Golden Autumn Drama Contest is an impressive part of the WHU Golden Autumn Festival series. It has become an iconic cultural festival on campus since its inaugural event 33 years ago. This year it is even more precious because of the context of the epidemic. Through these plots, we look back at the stories of the past and forward to a better life.

Photo by Zhao Jiaxi

Edited by Yu Jianan, Wei Yena, Zou xiaohan


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