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Embracing warmth: open week at the WHU Center for Psychological Health Education of College Students
Author:Li Tong & Zhang Jing  Date:2021-11-24  Clicks:

From October 16 to 24, the open week of the WHU Center for Psychological Health Education of College Students took place. As the second open week held by the center, the event was co-organized by Luojia Xinyuan and the Youth Volunteer Community of the School of Journalism and Communication. More than 600 visitors, including group counseling and individuals, joined the event, showing an evidence of its success.

Passionate students communicating with the organizer

A series of psychological health related activities were prepared, and participants really enjoyed themselves in the process. At the gate of the center, there was a stall organized by the Youth Volunteer Community, where participants could draw questions related to classic cartoons from their childhood ; whoever gave the right answer could get small gifts as surprises. Such questions reminded the participants of their interesting and warming memories. Upon entering the center, a special confiding room came into view. Students with anxiety or mental worries could write down their thoughts on the whiteboard prepared here to release negative emotions. Besides, an interesting bookmark DIY activity was popular with students. With sufficient materials provided by the center, students could make their own bookmarks with dried flowers, and relax themselves in the process. Other wonderful activities like analyzing moods with magic cards, confiding troubles with others, watching movies and sharing ideas also attracted many students.


Students making embossed bookmarks with dried flowers

The co-organizer, Luojia Xinyuan, a student association directed by the center, played an important role in the event. Wu Wenjie, the president of the association, attaches much importance to the activity. “It absolutely gives students a chance to know more about the center, experience our service and learn some expert psychological knowledge. What’s more, it can draw more people’s attention to psychological health. That’s why we insist on holding this activity.”


Film sharing session

“It’s a fantastic journey both to the center and for my mental health.” A sophomore in WHU who took part in the activity said. Withdrawing from her fast-paced life for several hours, she found herself totally absorbed in the activities, allowing her to stay away from the harassment of fickleness and worry for a while. “Not only do I learn some psychological knowledge during this time, but also manage to get along with myself. That’s the biggest surprise appealing to me.” For Hu, the activity provided a learning platform and an access point to knowing herself, which also applies to other participants in the event.

The WHU Center for Psychological Health Education of College Students

The WHU Center for Psychological Health Education of College Students is located in a new yard which was put into use in April 2021. The beautiful scenery and comprehensive facilities here offer an excellent working and service environment. Besides the open week, many well-designed activities like tea tasting meetings, yoga practice, and painting events are held in the center every week, aimed at helping WHUers enjoy a mentally healthy life.

Photo by Luojia Xinyuan Newspaper

Edited by Li Hefeng, Qin Zehao & Qin Shihan


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