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The 33rd Golden Autumn Chorus Competition held at WHU
Author:Xu Yirui, Li Sirui & Fu Wantong  Date:2021-11-24  Clicks:

On the evening of October 16, the 33rd Golden Autumn Chorus Competition of Wuhan University was successfully held at Meiyuan Playground. Accompanied by exquisite lighting effects, the chorus competition brought delight and relaxation for the audience.

At 18:30, with the light illuminating the stage, the competition started. After the hosts briefly introduced the judges, the team from the School of Computer Science came out first, showing their entries Towards revival and The happiness of snow. The audience was deeply immersed in their sonorous sounds.


Team from the School of Computer Science

Wonderful performances ignited one climax after another. Among them, the most appealing one was the champion team from the School of Law. Their entries were In the bright sunshine and To find a bright star. One characteristic of their performance was the strong contrast. In the first song, with high-spirited background music, they highlighted sonorous male voices to convey the momentum of striving for a great future, while in the second song, they emphasized melodious and graceful female voices to express the pursuit of love, freedom and beauty. The lyric of To find a bright star was adapted from the famous poet Xu Zhimo’s poem of the same name, and they manifested the poet’s emotion incisively and vividly.


Team from the School of Law

Some teams integrated violin accompaniments in their performance, such as the joint team of the School of Political Science and Public Administration and the School of Printing and Packaging. The magnificent and passionate singing and the melodious sound of the violin brought out the best in each other, encouraging the audience to be full of hope for the future.


The violin player accompanying the singers

Other teams also presented lots of wonderful performances, with not only the audience but also the singers enjoying the perfect night.“Actually, chorus really brings a lot to me, as I stand on the delicate stage, the joy and fulfillment flooding over me are unique and irreplaceable,” Chen Xinbo, a singer from the School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering said.


The team from the School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering

The Golden Autumn Chorus Competition has been running for 33 years. For every participant, it is no longer merely a competition. To some extent, the most valuable harvests of singers are not only vocal technique but the spirit of teamwork and the determination to present a perfect performance. Undoubtedly, these make chorus a romantic singing form, and competition a feast of inheritance.

Photo by Miao Zhengyan

Edited by Li Hefeng, Qin Zehao & Yin Xiaoxue


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