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Autumn in Wuhan University
Author:Lin Yangjie  Date:2021-12-07  Clicks:

The autumn breeze is blowing

Quietly driving away the summer heat.

Tinging the city in gold,

And gently dissolving the regrets of summer.

Someone once chanted:

A sycamore leaf in hand, the voice of autumn remains unknowable.

Listening to the sound of the whistling wind,

Let's offer a glimpse at Wuhan University encased in gold.


The bright red maple leaves found on campus signal the most romantic beginning of autumn


Golden woods, covered with thick fallen leaves, surround the library where we spend day and night, guarding the tranquility of the place


Light and shadow are intertwined on the forest path behind the library,

tranquil and warm


The shade of the trees is mottled and intertwined


On the way to the playground, the mild light shines on students


Surrounded by piles of fallen leaves, an old couple are enjoying the scenery.


Even the puppy is very happy with the rare sunshine.


“Pudding” is curled up into a small ball and sleeping in the sunshine.


We’d better not interrupt the kitten’s sweet dream. 

Look! It is sleepy and dozing off in the flowers outside the dormitory. 

The chance to enjoy the rare sunbath can’t be missed.

This is autumn.

Getting rid of the scorching heat of summer.

Without the vigor of spring.

Removing the bitterness of winter.

It is the warmest, the most leisurely and the most comfortable season.

If we have the chance to enjoy an idle life, why hustle and bustle

Oh, autumn.

Oh, autumn.

Rewritten by: Xie Anqing

Edited by: Yu Jianan, Sylvia and Hu Sijia


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