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Drama Gallery—The 33rd Golden Autumn Drama Contest
Author:Li Jing & Zhang Jing  Date:2021-11-26  Clicks:

With the moon rising from branches, colorful lightings illuminating the stage, the final of the 33rd Golden Autumn Drama Contest of Wuhan University took place at Meiyuan Playground on October 30. The contest provided the platform both for team and individual competition. After the fierce competition in the preliminary round, 17 teams made it to the finals and managed to perform their stories here.

The excellent drama entitled One after One from the School of Journalism and Communication won the championship with a score of 9.740. The show portrayed a warrior who was entangled by demons called “laziness” “escape” “indifference” and “selfishness”. However, he divided and conquered them with the noblest spirit handed down to him through the endeavors of generations before him, which was exactly the theme of this year’s contest.


One after One by the School of Journalism and Communication

Performances focusing on WHU students’ individual development greatly attracted the audiences’ attention. Cackles by the School of Art, which showed a fascinating plot and hilarious characters, won the fourth-highest score of 9.540. Combining fairy tale elements, it told a story for which the main character, Chicken Xiao Lan (representing an ordinary WHU student), received inspiration from Fox Luoluo of Mount Luojia, thus making up her mind to seek truth in Wuhan University.


Cackles by the School of Art

“Little time remained for rehearsal, given that we all had different schedules. However, performers, teachers, and even the stage crew all concentrated on our show at full stretch.” Li Hongbo, one of the performers of Cackles, said gratefully, “We all sweated for the same goal—to provide our audience a lovely, amusing, and thought-provoking drama.”


Cackles by the School of Art

Chasing by the School of Health Sciences also provided insights on personal growth. The everlasting liveliness and strength of the heart inspired the hero to chase his goal in spite of all the obstacles, and as a result, touched all the spectators and enjoyed an outburst of applause.


Chasing by the School of Health Sciences

While endeavors of individual improvement are colorful and impressive, it is a grand and honorary career when numerous individuals strive for a common cause. Another two dramas, An Appointment in Spring presented by the School of Law and Skyway by the Hongyi Honor College, were perfect examples.


An Appointment in Spring by the School of Law

The drama, An Appointment in Spring, was set in the wartime when the Chinese nation was struggling to resist Japanese invasion and the campus of WHU had to move west to Leshan for shelter. While the heroine insisted on exploring the technological path for national salvation on the campus, her boyfriend decided on joining the army for liberation. On departure, they promised each other to reunite at Mount Luojia in spring for the cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, the hero died in the battle and the promise ended in vain, leaving a pitiful and patriotic romance. “Our initiative was to expose the spirit of strife at that specific time through the romantic story, thus evoking the empathy of the audience,” the student director of the drama noted.


An Appointment in Spring by the School of Law

Similarly, Skyway revealed another impressive striving for the nation story. Based on a real story about the construction of Duku Highway in Tianshan Mountain, the drama recounted the perseverance of armed police who were devoted to the construction for nearly ten years.


Skyway by the Hongyi Honor College

These dramas concerning the endeavors of the great nation are a salute to those predecessors and have won high praise from the audience, acting as an inspiration for further striving.

As shows drew to a close, a judge of the contest gave his high appreciation for all performances. “Actually, the topics you have chosen, like asking about life, patriotic ambition, or cherishing martyrs, will shine permanently and never fade.” He regarded the performances as a visual and auditory feast and wished the participants all the best.


Old Bamboo, New Life by the School of Economics and Management

Besides judges, the dramas also captured the hearts of the audience. For Li Yun, a freshman from the School of Art, her first experience in the Golden Autumn Drama Contest was striking. “The scripts, acting, lightings and theatrics are all so impressive that I am looking forward to the one next year right now!” Fortunately, more treasures of the Golden Autumn Festival are waiting for her to discover in the future.


Boundary Monument by the School of Resource and Environmental Sciences

Eyes fixed on the stage, drumsticks striking the drum, and hands clapping excitedly - the audience’s applause and flowers proved that the show was genuinely another success achieved. During this unforgettable golden autumn, what glowed was not only the spectacular performers on the stage but also the determination of WHU students to make contributions towards the nation. Stories have not yet finished. We youngsters are still on the way.

Photo by Zou Pengzhi

Edited by Zheng Zicheng, Qin Zehao & Zhang Yilin


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