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War of words, feast of talents
Author:Miao Zhengyan  Date:2021-12-13  Clicks:

By the middle of the semester, various contests were in full swing, including the debate competition, an invariably popular event in Wuhan University. Let’s shine a spotlight on the debaters to explore how a debate competition is conducted.

Ⅰ. Meticulous preparation with great effort

Debaters often prepare for the debate at least one week in advance. Apart from preparing materials and thinking about the arguments by themselves, they also spend two or three hours a day discussing and debating with teammates and coaches, engaging in considerable deliberation of every sentence and every argument.


Debaters listening carefully to the coach for pre-match guidance


Debaters discussing with teammates


Debaters taking notes attentively for a mock debate


Debaters researching information

Ⅱ. Well-founded arguments and unbreakable gumption in the face of difficulties

Nervous though the debaters are, they are brimming with confidence after extensive preparation, in anticipation of showing off their style and competence in the competition.


Debaters making final preparations before the competition


Greetings from the debaters before the competition, showing their elegant demeanor


Debaters striving for victory in a consistent pace during the competition

Ⅲ. Comprehensive review after the competition

Continuous progress and improvement of debaters entail review and reflection after each competition.


Judges voting and commenting


Debaters taking notes

It is the abiding passion and industry for the debate together with constant preparation before the competition and review after the competition of both coaches and debaters that contribute to an excellent performance in the war of words.

Rewritten by: Zhou Chuangyu

Edited by: Cao Mi


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