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Look at the cute little creature over there
Author:Lin Yangjie  Date:2021-12-13  Clicks:

It has been said that “love at first sight might be that magical feeling you get when you notice the cat that on the eaves in summer showing up by chance at the window in winter.” We are lucky enough to live on this beautiful campus with such cute little creatures who may gently enter our daily life.


“Hi, human. Welcome and nice to meet you.” As a newcomer, have you ever encountered a waiting cat?


As you gradually become familiar with this little creature, you will fall in love with it because of its round and amber eyes overflowing with tenderness.


Sometimes, you may imagine these little creatures in round shape creeping into your arms, soft and warm.


You may be surprised by its unplanned arrival while you are struggling with your homework. With its tiny tail sweeping away your draft, it seems to say that “I wish to be the one in your books, in your arms, and in your heart.”

Finally, curiosity drives you to explore the world of these little cats.


The furry head rising from the grass suddenly catches your eyes and captures your heart.


You can easily tell the warmth of the day by observing these cats in sweet dreams.


As they wake up and lift their little heads, it suddenly occurs to you that the world is a better and warmer place with the company of cats.


You may be impressed by its handsome look as it casts a noble glance at you.


You may also come across a tiny one with a mischievous look.


It pops its head around the corner, absorbed and attentive, planning to do something extraordinary.


You will get excited watching the game between the older and the younger ones.


Bold and confident, the tiny cat is looking around as usual, and it might be staring at you

It may remain unknown to you whether this is a chance encounteror an approved visit by these cats. But the warm stream running from the bottom of your heart is real when you see these little creatures playing with each other. You can feel the warmth of natural life in this cold world.

It is cats that add peace and beauty to our daily life.

Rewritten by: Wang Qinyuan

Edited by: Wang Xuanqi


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