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WHU holds “4+2” volleyball tournament
Author:Zhu Piaohou  Date:2022-11-10  Clicks:

As the golden autumn chorus competition with its beautiful songs and flowing dresses on stage was in full swing, WHU’s volleyball players began to look forward to the upcoming “4+2 volleyball tournament.

Every student who loves volleyball starts to prepare for this competition early. The seniors who have played volleyball for several years lead their fellow freshmen to the court, playing together, regardless of their majors. Boys and girls go hand in hand, forming a wonderful landscape. Passing, setting, spiking, blocking, digging and serving are the six basic volleyball skills that beginners need to learn and veterans use to gain higher points.

A graduate student from the School of Urban Design of Wuhan University, who has been playing volleyball for a year, stands full of vitality on the court

Serving is one of the five basic skills in volleyball, and a powerful serve is extremely threatening

The jump serve is called a floater because the ball floats after it is served


The jump serve is more technically demanding and has a greater impact

Passing, where the setter is responsible for the second pass, paves the way for the attacker to attack

Spiking is the main way to score in volleyball

Blocking enables direct scoring and creates good receiving conditions for teammates

Competition at the net: a test of strength and timing judgment

Teammates watching the game

Students who can't play volleyball enjoying the autumn sunshine in their own way

On a sunny weekend at Wuhan University, you may enjoy the volleyball boom while running and jumping with some friends . This is the most vibrant campus scenery in the golden autumn.

Rewritten by Geng Jiajun

Edited by Wang Qinyuan, Sylvia, Xi Bingqing


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