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Luojia Mini Marathon
Author:Wang Jayu  Date:2022-12-05  Clicks:

In the afternoon of November 17 alongside the opening of the Wuhan University Athletic Games, the Luojia Mini Marathon kicked off at Meiyuan Playground.

Volunteers holding signboards

Confident smile of the flag bearer, representing the honor of his team

Athletes warming up under the guidance of the host.

Athletes running towards the starting point upon the signal of the host

The red gate ahead is the starting point.

A participant gesturing ‘fight’ to his friend who came to cheer for him.

High five before run

Teachers also participate in the run.

Sprint across the finish line: never give up!

The marathon came to an end with a mixture of laughter and sweat. Like the wind, the youngsters had shown their undying spirit; like the pine, they had shown their true grit.  

Rewritten by Yi Kecheng

Edited by Shen Le, Sylvia, Xi Bingqing


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