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Golden autumn, spreading passion
Author:Xie Anqing  Date:2022-12-10  Clicks:

In mid-November, the annual university athletics competition kicked off. Cold weather failed to stop the students' love and passion for sports. Every now and then, the shouting on the 912 Playground invited students to come out of their cozy rooms and participate in this grand competition, forgetting the cold.

Relay racers entering the venue with confident looks

An international student shooting toward the finish line

Students striving to reach the highest level with a unique style

Preparations for the thrilling tug-of-war competition

Final of the tug-of-war competition with everyone putting in their best effort on behalf of their department

Although the university athletic competition has come to an end, the spirit of youthfulness and athleticism will long remain in the hearts of every student of Luojia, and this spirit will be reflected in every aspect of study, life, research and competition, making Luojia the pride of every student.

Rewritten by Xie Anqing

Edited by Wang Ziyan, Sylvia, Xi Bingqing


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