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A tea fragrance-infused lecture
Author:Lin Yangjie  Date:2023-02-20  Clicks:

Recently, the Wuhan University Student Association for Tea Art gave an introductory lecture on tea art. Listening to the instructor, members of the association could appreciate the charm of tea art in tea fragrance-infused surroundings.

Learning about tea art begins with identifying tea ware

With all members seated, the instructor steeped tea twice and brewed a cup of tea for every student. As the classroom filled with the fragrance of the tea, the students began to feel calm, opening their senses to the study of tea art.

Students bow before learning

Moving from standing posture to a bow and taking seats, from tea serving to tea tasting, tea art reveals elegance and grace. Every move made in the process of brewing tea is dignified and elegant and designed to illustrate traditional Chinese virtues.

Students listening to the instructor

Following the instructors demonstration of the tea brewing process, students make tea by themselves and help correct each others movements

Time seems to slow down in tea-infused surroundings

Tea art includes tea setting, the smooth use of tea ware and the careful consideration of handing out and serving tea. More than simply pouring the boiling water over tea leaves, steeping tea embodies exquisite and meaningful customs, which reflect not only ones understanding of tea but also one’s life pursuits and the practice of rites.

Photo by Lin Yangjie

Edited by Zou Ziqing, Zhang Yilin, Sylvia, Xi Bingqing


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