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Wuhan University holds 3rd Best Notes Competition
Author:Gu Ning  Date:2023-01-30  Clicks:

After two weeks of preliminary screening and online voting, the 3rd Best Notes Competition at Wuhan University (WHU) announced the list of award recipients on November 20.

In this competition, the notes are evaluated on five aspects: content enrichment, neatness, logic, handwriting aesthetics, and form innovation. However, the standards used in the judging process are far more flexible. “Everyone has their own aesthetic preferences, and writing and typesetting habits, which will also be reflected in the note-taking process. Some notes are simple and clear, some are rich in content with both pictures and text, and some are unique and ingenious,” said Luo Huidan.

This years Best Notes Competition is a complete surprise to students. The sudden and recurring epidemic has made it difficult to hold the competition offline, leading organizers to temporarily pull the schedule forward.

Despite the limited time and heavy tasks, the competition saw active participation and wide support from undergraduate and graduate students from different colleges, showcasing the diverse learning styles on campus.

The Most Characteristic Prize award-winning notes

The huge response has greatly exceeded our expectations, said Luo Huidan, the general leader of the Study Department of the WHU Student Union. Our original intention was quite simple: to enrich students online learning life and encourage them to learn from these award-winning notes.

The notes from the Award of the Humanities and Social Sciences Group

After all, the ultimate goal of the competition is not to judge who can take better notes, but to stimulate everyones enthusiasm for taking notes and to boost students’ interest in learning, Wang Yunfan, the deputy head of the Study Department, added.

The Most Characteristic Prize award-winning notes

When asked about the most unforgettable experiences during the competition, Wang Yunfan laughed, “I saw a microblog of one contestant, saying Thanks to the super interesting teacher Yang Qing, who gave me a feeling that the true artist was actually around me! For the first time this term, I took a few handwritten notes expressing my love for her!’ The surging passion behind the notes convinced us that what were doing really means a lot.

Notes filled with deep love for teacher Yang Qing

With various forms and informative contents, every stroke is not only the digestion and output of knowledge but also a long conversation with oneself and a brief confrontation with the whole world. To see a world in a copy of notes, that’s where the unique sentiment of the Best Notes Competition lies.

Photo by the Study Department of Wuhan University Student Union

Edited by Li Tong, Chen Jiaqi, Li Jing, Zhao Linshan, Sylvia, Xi Bingqing


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