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Wuhan University holds ‘Spring Moon Night’ to mark a culture of encouragement and support
Author:Gao Yu  Date:2023-05-23  Clicks:

On April 8th, a unique career sharing event called ‘Spring Moon Night’ was held on the Guiyuan Playground of Wuhan University, attracting hundreds of student participants.

Students gather at Guiyuan Playground

The event was organized by students from the Youth Development Consultation and Service Center of Wuhan University and Procter & Gamble Club (PGC) in central China. The theme was ‘planting in spring, harvesting in autumn’, which is in line with the law of agriculture in traditional Chinese culture, implying students’ diligence in the spring would finally bear fruits in their milk round in the autumn. Four graduates of Wuhan University were invited as visiting speakers to talk about their career choices. “Everyone is like a seed planted to grow. Through the students’ speeches, we wish to show that no seed is limited to a fixed destination. The four speakers had completely different backgrounds and experiences, but each has followed an individual journey on the path of life,” said Yan Xu.

The publicity board of the Spring Moon Night event

One of the speakers, Yang Bo, who is a senior majoring in marketing in the Economics and Management School, had received a successful offer during the 2023 recruitment drive. “I received an offer for a position in an area that seemed less achievable for students of my major . I hope to tell students not to be limited by majors. What we need to do is to prepare, think and, take action in advance while enjoying the whole process.”

Yang Bo speaks to students at the event

Unlike traditional job experience sharing sessions, this event also featured other distinct activities such as postcard mailing, supersize rose photo taking spring tea, free hugs, and music performances. Yan Xu proudly introduced the arrangement: “We specially set up music performance and beverage stalls on site, hoping that students would participate in the event. What’s more, we hoped to give everyone unconditional support through free hugs.”

Student writing a postcard

The organizers also designed a special commemorative coupon, which consisted of special paper materials and flower seeds. According to the planting instructions, people could dissolve it in water and then plant it in the soil. One week later, there would be beautiful lavender or other kinds of flowers growing. Through this idea, the organizers hoped to convey the joyful feeling of waiting for flowers to bloom with a peaceful mind, much like they would when wait for their future to unfold.

The commemorative coupon

These interactive activities were widely approved. “This event is meaningful. It can bring some inspiration for growth to our students,” said the members of Luo Music, a music band from Wuhan University invited to perform at the event.

After watching the entire event, Meng Ting, who has studied at Wuhan University for five years, shared her surprise about the event. “Lately, job hunting has been getting tougher and more distressing, but this activity brought me a lot of encouragement and warmth during this spring night. It inspired me to trust myself. I’d like to encourage my future self to be brave forever.”

In the face of the common job anxiety, students at Wuhan University have given strength and power to each other through their creativity and actions. This power is always precious and meaningful, and this special moon night in spring will also be deeply remembered by many students.


Photo by Lin Yangjie

Edited by Fu Wantong, Li Jing, Cheng Shiwen, Sylvia, Xi Bingqing


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