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Zhou Yezhong
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Zhou Yezhong, male, from Wugang, Hunan Province, was born in August 1963. He entered the workforce in June 1988 and now he is the member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of Wuhan University, the vice president of WHU, a professor and a doctoral supervisor.

He studied for bachelor’s degree of law and master degree of constitutional law at School of law in Wuhan University from September 1981 to June 1988, where he continued his doctorate study of constitutional law in the following 3 years. He has been engaging in teaching at his alma mater since June 1988 and was promoted to professor and doctoral supervisor in September 1996 and July 1997 respectively. From July 1996 to September 1999, he served as Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of School of law. From October 1999 to March 2001, he served as Minister of the Ministry of Education Department of Wuhan University, director of academic affairs. Then he took position as the deputy director of the academic committee of Wuhan University and secretary general (Mar. 2001-Feb. 2003), the executive vice president of Graduate School of Wuhan University (Feb. 2003-Sep. 2013), and the dean of the graduate school since then. He was appointed the member of Party Committee and vice president of Wuhan University in December 2014.

He has chaired or participated in the completion of more than 30 research projects, authored or co-authored more than 40 academic monographs and teaching materials, and published more than 200 papers. He was once named among ‘‘Ten Outstanding Youth Jurist’’, ‘‘Ten Outstanding Youth in Hubei’’, “the New Long March Pace Setter”. He won the national youth Social Science Research Excellence Award, the first award of Ministry of Justice National Outstanding Legal Research Achievement, the first award of Hubei Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement, National University Young Teacher Award by the Henry Fok Educational Foundation, National Outstanding Teacher Award by Bao Steel Education Foundation, the National University Youth Teacher Award by the Ministry of Education, the first award of National Excellent Teaching. He has won more than 30 awards of all kinds, and has been selected into "three one hundred" original book publishing project by the National Press and Publication Administration.

Zhou also takes many concurrent posts: Vice President of Chinese Constitutional Law Research Association, chairman of Specialized Research Committee of Taiwan and mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, member of the seventh session of the academic committee of the State Council discipline appraisal group (Law Group), member of Higher Education Law Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry Education, member of the twelfth Hubei National People's Congress and the legal committee, counsellor of Wuhan Municipal People's government and so on.


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