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Outstanding Alumnus Award Ceremony
Author:Chen Lixia  Date:2011-04-23  Clicks:
In April 20, the “Outstanding Alumnus Award Ceremony” was held in the Lecture Hall of Humanities Building. Wang Xiaofan, Wang Guangqian, Shi Wenzhong, Ai Luming, Li Xinzhao, Chen Xinlian, Yang Huigen, Hu Zhiyu, Yushan are confered the 6th Outstanding Alumnus Award.

Chen Xinlian, a researcher in the Institute of Earthquake Prediction of China Seismology Bureau and a prominent expert in dynamic geodesy is the eldest among all the award-winners, yet his logical thinking are not in the least worse than the younger people. He said, “People’s fate lies in two factors, competence and opportunity. You young fellows should discover the opportunities yourselves and cultivate your own competence. Of course, competence is put in the priority position because only with strong competence can you find opportunities.”

The Chairman of University Council and the President of WHU jointly presented the award to the winners. President Li Xiaohong said, “Alumni are the carte of WHU. Their reputation and contribution is a yardstick to measure our university’s excellence. 


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