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The second month after a temporary leave from WHU
Author:Qin Zichang  Date:2020-03-21  Clicks:

Dear WHU, it has been nearly two months since I left you on a holiday for my hometown on January 15th. I was thinking that a sentimental emotion could be unnecessary since we would soon reunite within twenty days. However, things are going beyond my expectations. You are now trapped in the epidemic center. Tough we cannot come to you soon, every WHUer is incomparably missing you, including me.

In retrospect, the first time I met you was in last September, when I should have sat demurely to wait for the opening ceremony but actually was taking photos here and there in the Zall Stadium. Please excuse my excitement.

I was so curious about everything about you the first moment I come to your arms. I stepped onto the Luojia Mountain in looking for the lovely little fox Luoluo and into the Cherry Blossom Castle to explore the glamour of the old library. I also rode the electric bike roaming through the Ziqiang Avenue, all for an earlier and better understanding about you.

Your free and inclusive school ethos had been known to me before I met you, which is getting more creditable as I gradually learn more about you. You offer me opportunities to be nourished by renowned masters and professors from both home and abroad with broadening horizon. I can study in the teaching building or go to the library, surfing freely in the ocean of books. Debating over academic issues with classmates or sharing a classic masterpiece with friends in a coffee shop are both of great appeal to me.

But now, all of the happiness seems so distant to me. How I wish I could attend the lecture on campus after two months’ temporary departure from you.

How I wish we could have a sweaty afternoon on the basketball court.

How I wish we could enjoy a dancing feast in the Mei Yuan.

How I wish we could view the ripples across the East Lake touched by the spring breeze outside Linbo Gate .

How I wish I could travel through Luojia Mountain on the school bus.

Is it still long before our next meet? No, I believe. For more than a hundred years, the roof beasts standing on the cornices have been guarding you, and this time is no exception, either.

The early spring has already arrived in Wuhan, and green buds have sprung up from withered leaves. Don't be afraid, my dear WHU. We’ll meet soon. Your students  all love you from the bottom of our hearts.

Shall we roam along the Cherry Blossom Avenue to greet flowers blooming in the sunny spring? Please promise me.

Written by: Zhan Chaoyue

Photograph by:Zhan Chaoyue,Zhao Yifan

Rewritten by:Qin Zichang

Edited by: Cao Siyi, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia


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