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WHU holds the 15th Chufeng Cup College Students Calligraphy & Drawing Contest and the Final of the 34th College Students Cherry Blossom Pen Club
Author:Xiao Luyan  Date:2021-05-22  Clicks:

“Spring chill is tender and fresh, a little cold and moist.”

Zhang Huaiguan, a calligrapher during the Tang Dynasty, said that the highest level of learning calligraphy is to learn from nature. When the cherry blossoms at Wuhan University are in full bloom, it is the right time for young talents to study the cherry blossoms and explore the philosophy of drawing & calligraphy.

The Opening Ceremony

On April 14, 2021, the 15th Chufeng Cup College Students Calligraphy & Drawing Contest and the Final of the 34th College Students Cherry Blossom Pen Club were held at the Songqing Stadium of WHU. It was organized by the Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Hubei Provincial Students’ Federation and WHU. College students from all over China came to WHU to share in their experience of calligraphy and drawing, learn from each other and enjoy the wonderful scenery and Chinese culture together.

Representative of participants giving speech

During the opening ceremony, Prof. Che Ying, the head judge and adviser of the Calligraphy & Drawing Association of WHU, kicked-off the contest by creating a piece of calligraphy work on-the-spot.

Prof. Che Ying creating calligraphy work

Participants were given 2 hours to finish their on-the-spot creation of work in 3 groups. The exhibition works were assessed by all the judges on location. Finally, the first prizes of 6 groups were awarded to 16 participants from 12 universities and colleges respectively.

Over 34 years, the Cherry Blossom Pen Club has become an important event for college students from all over China. It has attracted numerous participants and made great impact on the calligraphy & drawing contests. It has witnessed the growth of countless young students and become a valuable platform for calligraphy & drawing fans to communicate with each other.

Every participant showing his or her special talent

This year, the Cherry Blossom Pen Club runs for nearly a month, receiving more than 2,100 pieces of works from more than 208 universities and colleges. After careful selection, more than 140 pieces of excellent works reached the final, and 90 outstanding participants were invited for the final of on-the-spot creations.


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