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The 32nd Golden Autumn Chorus Competition held at WHU
Author:Shi Shang, Li Yueqi & Luo Yushan  Date:2020-11-09  Clicks:

On the evening of October 24, the 32nd Golden Autumn Chorus Competition of Wuhan University was successfully held at the colorful-lights-dressed Meiyuan Playground. The competition, lasting for 4 hours, offered a great feast for the eyes and ears of all audiences.

Chorus of School of Journalism and Communication

This year, 24 teams participated in the competition, each team performing two songs. The first one was selected from the list of given songs, and the other was chosen by the team leader.

Chorus of School of Economics and Management

With wonderful singing and exquisite performance, the chorus from the College of Life Sciences came out first. This was the 27th time that they won the championship in all 32 Chorus Competitions of the Golden Autumn Festival. The songs they chose were Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China, and Loushan Pass.

Chorus of School of Information Management

Other teams also made every endeavor to show their best. “We sing because we like it. Compared to singing, ranking is not that significant, said Pang Yuexing, leader of the chorus from the School of Information Management, “We did our best on the stage, even better than we did in rehearsals. There are no regrets in this autumn.” One member of the chorus team from the School of History said. “Although I often felt tired after the rehearsals, now I think they are worthwhile.”

Apart from the chorus teams, there were also a group of people behind the scene working hard for the show usually mentioned as the cheering squad”. They took on the job of cheering in a unique way—banging drums as well as shouting their slogans. “Though I was not on the stage, I felt like I was actually part of them and got nervous when they went on performing.” This job sometimes might seem tiring and dull, “We’re willing to devote our all into it for our school. No matter how hard it is, we always try our best to meet the need of chorus team,” a cheerleader from Hongyi Honor College added.

The marvelous inspirations, bold innovations, unique styles, inspiring background music and committed teamwork led to an excellent music show. It is a great success that belongs to every member of the competition.

The Golden Autumn Chorus Competition is one of the series activities of the Golden Autumn Arts Festival, which is one of the most famous brands in the campus cultural activities of WHU. Students participating in the competition represent their school to compete for the highest honor—the Golden Autumn Cup.

Photo by Chen Wei and Wu Qianqian

Edited by Wan Qian, Wei Yena, Zou Xiaohan


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