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The Golden Autumn Dance Competition: a visual feast
Author:Wei Yena & Qin Shihan  Date:2020-11-17  Clicks:

On October 31, the Golden Autumn Dance Competition lighted up the Meiyuan Playground. 22 pieces of dances on the theme of Restart, selected by 24 schools and departments, were put on stage, igniting passion and bringing aesthetic enjoyment for all audiences.

Among the 22 performances, the one that was given by the Economics and Management School won the first prize at the highest remark of 9.67. Their dance Pray told a story between a mother and her daughter during the wartime, expressing wish for reunion and peace.


Pray by the Economics and Management School

The dance of the School of Political Science and Public Administration, Voice from the Heart, earned the second highest score of 9.536. The dancers in red Tibetan costumes showed the jubilation of Tibetan people after the dramatic improvement of their life and expressed good wishes for China through their vivid performance and glowing enthusiasm. The audience were deeply inspired by it, bursting into applause.


Voice from the Heart by the School of Political Science and Public Administration

Another major category of performances depicted the meditation and praise for life, such as Life from the School of Stomatology and Tribute to Heroes Who Put Themselves in Harm’s Way from the School of Computer Science. They showed the endeavors of medical staff in fighting against COVID-19 with artistic movements, bringing the audience back to the severe time and calling on everyone to cherish the hard-earned anti-epidemic achievements.

Life by the School of Stomatology

Integrating masculinity and femininity, cooperating modernity and tradition, the competition is a visual feast with multiple dance types. Traditional Chinese dances were never absent from the grand gala. The Spring in a Pleasant Garden Snow, a dance with the same name as Mao Zedong’s Poem, won the third place with their graceful posture and lively dance steps

The Spring in a Pleasant Garden Snow, contributed by the joint team of the School of Urban Design and the School of Civil Engineering

The Intoxicating Spring Breeze by the School of Foreign Languages and Literature

Forward by the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation

“It is the best dance show I’ve ever seen on campus. Those dancers are so fantastic that I wanted to cry for many times during the performances. I start looking forward to watching the next year’s show already!” Yang Boya, a girl from the School of Chinese Language and Literature said.

To Blossom by the School of Information Management

Our Songs by the School of Health Sciences


Class 8 by the School of Power and Mechanical Engineering

Photo by Zhan Chaoyue, Zou Pengzhi, Wei Yena

Edited by Qin Zehao, Li Yushan


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