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‘Shanshui Cup’ Volleyball Tournament
Author:Zhu Puhou  Date:2022-12-11  Clicks:

The ‘Shanshui Cup Volleyball Tournament has a long history and is organized by the five schools of the Faculty of Engineering on a rotational basis. The tournament is a chance for the schools to compete with each other in volleyball skills and to bring out the best in each team. It is also a good opportunity for new players to practice and develop their skills after the graduation of older team members. After the event, the school teams will decide the lineup for the competition next spring and make adequate preparations for the biggest volleyball event of all--the Cup of Torch.


Outdoor team match


When a defensive mistake appears, the player is forced to give a third hit, called handling the ball, to avoid losing basic points.

 Serve, using body strength to improve the quality of the serve


Block, an important part of defense, is not included in the three hits.



There are various positions and ways for attacking, among which the most common is that player no. 4 uses power attacks. Besides, the players can create more aggressive means to gain scores through the change, such as player no. 4 using drop shots or spike through three positions in the back.

Volleyball, one of the competitive sports, not only requires team cooperation but also demonstrates a unique way to compare and communicate. Fight to complete each hit, struggle to win each game. However, what matters most is to enjoy the competition and feel the happiness that sport brings to us.

Rewritten by Li Chenxi

Edited by Zhang Yuhua, Sylvia, Xi Bingqing


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