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Facts & Figures

Full-time undergraduate students 34,131
Full-time master degree candidates 13,918
Ph.D candidates 7,477
International students 1477

Undergraduate programs 119
Master's degree programs 347 (including 30 master's programs for professional degrees)
Ph.D programs 293 (including 2 doctoral programs for professional degrees)
Centers for postdoctoral studies 38

Faculty and Staff
Members of full-time faculty 3,639
Professors 1,139
Associate professors 1,258
Academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences 7

Academicians from Chinese Academy of Engineering 8
Staff 4,362

State key disciplines 5
State key sub-disciplines 17
State key laboratories 5
National bilingual teaching demonstration courses 5
National engineering research centers 2
Key laboratories at the level of the Ministry of Education 11
Engineering research centers at the level of the Ministry of Education 5
Key bases for humanities and social sciences research at the level of the Ministry of Education 7
National bases for basic scientific research and talents cultivation 10
National experimental teaching demonstration centers 9
National base for cultural-quality-oriented education of university students 1
Key research bases at provincial and ministry level 48

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