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Chinese Promotion Base

For the further promotion of Chinese internationally, in Apr, 2009, the   Office of Chinese Language Council International approved to establish   Research and Development Base of Teaching Resources for International   Promotion of Chinese Language, which is set to build a network sharing   platform of Chinese International Promotion Teaching Resource Base and   research and develop badly needed education products. Since its inauguration   in Jun, 2010, the base has integrated good resources deposited for hundreds   of years, made good use of market mechanism, innovated the development model   of the base and combined learning, research and production to take a cultural   industrial pattern. The base has already covered over 20 countries and   regions, such as Asia, Europe, Oceania and America, and made education   products, including the website of Chinese International Promotion Teaching   Resource Bank, application of Chinese practical writing, learning card for   HSK test, some of which have been widely welcomed on the exposition of   Confucius Institute education resources.

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