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2014 WHU Top 10 News Stories and Person of the Year
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1. Wuhan University’s Profile Raised Home and Abroad

In 2014, WHU made it up to the Top 400 Universities in the 3 most prestigious university rankings, standing at the 301st, 335th, and 352nd positions respectively in US News, QS, and Times Higher Education. WHU also ranks the 26th on the BRICs & Emerging Economies Universities Ranking. Recently, WHU rose to No. 4 in 2015 Chinese University Rankings, up from No. 5 in 2014, reaching a historical high.

2. Two Synergy Innovation Centers Chosen for the National ‘Project 2011’

On October 15th, the Country’s Territorial Sovereignty and Ocean Rights Synergy Innovation Center and Geospace Information Technology Synergy Innovation Center, both taken the lead by Wuhan University, were selected into ‘Project 2011’ for the year 2014. ‘Project 2011’ is aiming to enhancing the innovative capability in higher education. WHU is the first university taking the lead for centers in Hubei Province.

3. Wuhan University Gains 3 First Prizes in the National Teaching Achievements Awards

WHU wins 3 first prizes, 5 second prizes in the 7th National Teaching Achievements Awards issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education. WHU and THU’s number of first prizes puts these two higher education institutions on top among Chinese Universities. The National Teaching Achievements Awards is offered every four years, marking it the highest level for teaching in Chinese higher education.

4. Wuhan University’s ‘Project 985’ Construction Scores A Level

WHU obtains high endorsements from the Chinese Ministry of Education for its outstanding performance in managing ’Project 985’ from 2010 to 2013.

5. Wuhan University’s Alumni Donation Surpasses 1.1 Billion RMB

WHU’s alumni donation registers 1.129 billion RMB, putting WHU on the 3rd position nationwide, according to the “Research Report of Evaluation for the 2015 Chinese Universities” released on www.cuaa.net on December 29th 2014.

6. Eleven Wuhan University Professors Elected as Chang Jiang Scholars Program Candidates

In 2013 and 2014, eleven professors from Wuhan University have become Chang Jiang Scholars Program Candidates, among whom ten are distinguished professors and one is chair professor. The number of honored distinguished professors arrives WHU’s historical high, ranking No.5 among Chinese universities.

7. Wuhan University Issues Official Regulation  

On July 21st, WHU released its official regulations. The regulations are a milestone in building a modern university, which would also accelerate WHU’s pace to a world first class university.

8. President Li Speaks at the BRICs & Emerging Economies Universities Summit

Invited by the Times Higher Education and the BRICs & Emerging Economies Universities Summit, President Li Xiaohong, attended the Summit in Moscow from December 3rd to 4th and delivered a speech in English named ‘Pursuit of Excellence: Wuhan University’s Experience in Its Effort to Build a World Class University’.

9. Wuhan University Students Innovation Gains Awards

WHU students have received numerous innovation and entrepreneurship awards both home and abroad throughout 2014. WHU also put the Center for Students Innovation and Entrepreneur Practice into use in September, which would provide a better platform for exhibiting further innovation work and achievements.

10. Wu Hongmiao Nominated One of the 50 Significant Contributors to the Friendship between China and France

Wu Hongmiao, professor at WHU’s School of Foreign Languages and Literature, was elected one of the 50 significant people in the process of establishing bilateral Sino-French diplomatic relations. On December 1st, Prof. Wu attended the award party held at the Luxembourg Palace in Paris.

2014 Wuhan University Person of the Year

Lei Aiwen, professor at WHU’s College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, came to Wuhan University from Stanford University in 2005. Lei and his team have achieved important scientific results over the years and he himself has received numerous honors credited to his extraordinary scholastic expertise.

(Rewritten by Yue Rao, edited by Diana & Sijia Hu)


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