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A melange of strength and beauty--the dancing contest of the 29th Luojia Autumn Arts Festival
Author:Liu wanyi, Shen Yuxi  Date:2017-12-05  Clicks:

On November 11th 2017, the Meiyuan playground witnessed the successful holding of the dancing contest of the 29th Luojia Autumn Arts Festival. Started in 1987, the Luojia Autumn Arts Festival is the most influential campus cultural activity annually held in Wuhan University. The beautiful costumes and well-designed dance routines make the dancing contest a visual feast. This year, 22 schools and departments took part in the contest themed “the Dancing Charm of China. All the WHU dancers expressed in the performance their respect for the traditional arts and their thought of the past and the future


The gallop—students from the School of Law performing on stage as Mongolians on horsebacks, evoking the spirit of combat and patriotism

Flowers Blossom from the School of Journalism and Communication, impressing the audience with its form of Beijing opera.

The first prize-winner, The nipponia from the School of Economics and Management, a story about the extinction of the nipponia, expressing a concern

about the impact of environmental pollution on biodiversity

I will wait for you from the School of Civil Engineering, showing the military wives' longing for their husbands’ return.


Heavenly Bath from the School of Information Management, delivering a consummate and enjoyable performance by students acting as Tibetan girls

The Letter with Feathers from the International School of Software, a show based on the history of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Aggression

Dreaming of Silver Road from the School of Basic Medical Sciences displaying the diplomacy between Han dynasty and foreign countries.

The Drift of a Book from the School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering highly praising the patriotic youth in the War of Resistance.

The gallop from the School of Electric Engineering

Tibetans(阿嘎人)from the School of Life Sciences


The Lonely Teal from the School of Foreign Languages and Literature

You, A Light from the School of Urban Design

Photo by Liu Wanyi, Chen Ziyao

       Edited by Wang Wei, Edmund Wai Man Lai and Hu Sijia


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