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Consulate General of Kazakhstan in Xi’an visits Wuhan University
Author:Zhuang Xiaozhu, Yue Yimei  Date:2024-04-03  Clicks:

On March 11, Kyraubayev Zhoshykhan, the Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Xi’an, and his delegation of two representatives visited Wuhan University (WHU). Vice-president Tang Qizhu met with the delegation in the Administration Building, and relevant officials from the Department of Education of Hubei Province and the Foreign Affairs Office of Hubei Provincial People’s Government jointly attended the meeting.        


Tang Qizhu warmly welcomed the delegation's visit and briefly introduced the educational background of WHU. WHU has a long history of education and a comprehensive range of disciplines. It has continuously and actively engaged in exchanges and cooperation with Kazakhstan, with more than 130 Kazakhstani students studying in WHU simultaneously at one particular time. He emphasized that WHU not only looked forward to in-depth cooperation with Kazakhstani universities in such fields as food security, water conservancy and hydropower, and navigation, but also to further strengthening teacher-student exchanges and academic cooperation with universities in Kazakhstan, in order to deepen and expand friendly exchanges and practical cooperation between the two sides.

Consul General Kyraubayev said that Kazakhstan offered a window of communication between China and Europe. With the increasing exchanges and cooperation between our two countries, the significance of talent cultivation in related fields is becoming increasingly prominent. Under the guidance and strong support of The Belt and Road policy , corporations and universities in China and Kazakhstan have developed friendly and intensive cooperation. Kazakhstan hopes to continue expanding cooperation with WHU and work together to promote the establishment of new educational as well as scientific and technological cooperation projects between the two sides.

Prior to the meeting, the Consul General and his delegation also held a forum with Kazakhstani students to learn more about their study and life in WHU. It is reported that since 2005, there have been a total of 755 Kazakhstani students studying at WHU. Currently, there are 32 students studying in majors such as Chinese, International Relations, International Economics and Trade, Diplomacy, and Law.

Written by Zhuang Xiaozhu, Yue Yimei

Photo by Chen Hui

Edited by He Xiaoying, Huang Xiaoying


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