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Monograph led by Li Deren ranks the top on Springer
Author:Yao Shi  Date:2017-03-06  Clicks:

Spatial Data Mining, an English monograph led by academician Li Deren has recently snatched the crown of Springer’s ranking list of “Focusing on Chinese Scientific Research” in the area of computer science. (Springer: a world famous publishing company in Germany). This is a book co-written by Chinese scholars, Li Deren and Li Deyi, members of Chinese Academy of Science, and their student Professor WANG Shuliang, which eventually came out after 20 year’s persistent and painstaking composition and refinement.

In recent years, with the surging input and output in scientific research, Chinese academic outcomes have attracted increasing attention from the international community. As a world leading professional publishing company in science and education, Springer has been devoted to bringing China’ prominent research achievements under the spotlight of international academic circles and to making them better utilized, in order to greatly improve their international influence.

At the beginning of the new year, Springer launched the volume of “Focusing on Chinese Scientific Research” to make Chinese newest scientific outcomes and monographs better known to the world. The homepage of this volume provides access to more than 300 influential works written by eminent and excellent Chinese experts and researchers in areas of nature science, engineering, medical science, humanity and social science. Spatial Data Mining, a monograph in commanding and controlling area, ranked the top one in computing science. It has been downloaded for more than 10,000 times and cited by Google scholar for more than 100 times since its debut in 2016.

This monograph is crowned as “the wisdom of scientists of two generations” by Journal of Geography in 2016, which reflects decades of rigorous and hard work and the “craftsmanship” of Chinese scholars. It is also honored as “the milestone of spatial data mining” by Chinese Science Bulletin in 2006. Furthermore, it is awarded the Chinese Outstanding Publications Award.


Rewritten by Zhang Qiyue

Edited by Shen Yuxi & Hu Sijia


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