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Beidou instant judge: to solve traffic accident claims within 3 minutes
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September 18th witnessed the conclusion of the third Chinese "Internet+" College Students innovation and entrepreneurship competition. "Beidou instant judge: police-insurance united system of Internet of Vehicles with meter level accuracy", the project from Wuhan University won a gold prize in the creative group.

"People who have cars are most afraid of traffic accidents, for it is really a time-consuming bother to cope with." the project leader Zuo Wenwei’s words hit the nail on the head and resonate in the car owners. 

So how can the police confirm responsibility and the insurance company assess the damage in 3 to 8 minutes without arriving at the spot? The smart rearview with Beidou system can solve the problem in one action..

"Beidou high-precision smart rearview of Lane (sub meter) level , the recorder and the UBI terminal can be connected to the traffic police cloud service platform, cloud insurance service platform and the high precision owners of service cloud platform at the same time, so that the fast processing on a linkage line between traffic police and insurance companies can be achieved,." Zuo Wenwei gives a detailed introduction about how "Beidou instant judge" works.

When the owner reports online, the traffic police can confirm the accident liability after inspection online and send the data to the insurance company in time. The insurance company can simultaneously receive an online survey and review instant accident video and images of high-definition. Therefore, the vehicle involved can be quickly taken away from the accident spot in 3 to 8 minutes. 

"This new technology helps to assess the driver's behavior. Good drivers can buy insurance at a favorable price, while drivers who have bad driving habits pay a higher price, or even cannot buy auto insurance." said Liu Chengmin, chairman of Beidou Technology Co., ltd.. 

“Beidou instant judge” is the pioneer in four aspect: the global pioneer to apply Internet+ Beidou technology in commercial insurance reform, the global pioneer to bring smart rearview of Lane (sub meter) level into practice, the global pioneer in the  large-scale integrated vehicle networking system with lane-level digital map of high precision and the first vehicle networking terminal approved by the traffic evidence collection equipment from the Ministry of Public Security.    

As a Wuhan University’s industrialization platform for Beidou research, Six O'clock Beidou Technology Co., Ltd. has received 1 billion yuan equity investment from relevant investment institutions, and will serve as the basis of Beidou intelligence vehicle insurance industry.

A safe, unblocked, fast and green transportation system will be an effective solution to relieving traffic congestion, reducing traffic accidents and improving traffic efficiency. "The goal of intelligent city and intelligence transportation is to provide people with the sense of gain. Quite different from the sense of happiness, the sense of gain is measurable, to which the promotion of traffic service quality is a good approach," Liu Jingnan, a Beidou expert from Wuhan University and a CAE member, pointed out.

“As a new service in the auto industry, Beidou enjoys an extensive market prospect," Zuo Wenwei introduced. This intelligent vehicle terminal has been successfully tested in Ningbo, Wuhan, Nanjing, Wuxi and Ji'nan and some other places. Since the system was launched in Ningbo in June, it has had great vogue among the public with more than 10 thousand vehicles and insurance companies covered and more than a thousand accidents settled.

Since April when this system officially going public,, it has received wide recognition among the users. Also, it is the only device whose video evidences get approved by the Ministry of Public Security.

In May, "instant judge" intelligent system had it debut on the huge LED screen of New York Times Square, and it  also attracted the attention of the mainstream media reports of the United States, Britain and other countries.


Rewritten by Wang Hanxu

Edited by Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia


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