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A reading journey: comprehending Japan
Author:Xu Yixian, Li Chenruo  Date:2017-10-31  Clicks:

“A Reading Journey to comprehend Japan” Essay Competition sponsored by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Library and Japan Science Society was launched in Wuhan University in June 2017. Serving as a platform for students to explore Japanese culture, the competition provides the winners with a chance to experience its local life, thus attracting hundreds of students every year. This year, two articles have been chosen by experts to represent Wuhan University after a three-month selection process. They are to compete with other college students’ work nationwide. The following are the selected articles.

1. Japanese Artisanship: A Return to Nocent Innocence and a Commitment to Perfect Imperfection (Wabi Sabi)

-On Reading Beauty of the Immortal Mother Nature

Author: Zhao Yiming, from the School of Chinese Classics

2. All Fell Silent: To See Japan in a Grain of Zen

-On Reading Zen and Japanese Culture by Daisetsu Suzuki

Author: Ren Yan, from the School of Chinese Classics

We can comprehend a country, a nation, or a culture through a book. The world calls for communication; cultures need interaction. Each of us is supposed to understand them with the sincerest attitude.” said Ren Yan, an erudite girl longing to see what the real Japan is like if she gets the first prize.

The first prize of the competition includes an eight-day trip to Japan. And the second prize will be given to ten participants (prizes to be determined). Outstanding essays are expected to be published in Literary Tide, journal of the Wuhan University Library.

This competition aims at encouraging more Chinese college students to read books about Japan. Serving as a bridge for mutual understanding, communication, and respect for both Japan and China, the essay competition is believed not only to arouse Chinese students’ interest in Japanese society, economy and culture, but also to promote friendly bilateral exchanges for a better, more prosperous, and harmonious world.

Final results of the competition will be revealed in December.

Edited by Wang Wei, Sun Jingyi, Edmund Wai Man Lai & Hu Sijia



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