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The first Foreign Moot Court Contest held in WHU-Elites of law competed at Luojia
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News Network (Correspondents Liu Ruotong and Deng Siyu) On April 15, the closing ceremony and award ceremony for the first East & Concord Cup Foreign Moot Court Contest was held at the Wuhan University. The ceremony was attended by Li Qunxing, Vice President of the Higher People's Court in Hubei Province, Li Dajin, member of the Social and Legal Affairs Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative ConferenceCPPCCand director of the East & Concord Partners, Xing Dongmei, partner of the East & Concord Partners, and Zhou Yezhong, Vice President of WHU.


The contest was sponsored by Law School of Wuhan University, co-organized by Beijing East & Concord Partners. Law elites from 12 universities including Peking University, University of International Business and Economics, Nankai University and Tsinghua University participated in this contest. The jury was composed of well-known judges, scholars and lawyers across the country. After 16 rounds of heated competition lasting for three days, teams of China University of Political Science and Law, Wuhan University and Zhongnan University of Economics and Law stood out and ranked top three respectively.

In addition, the team from Renmin University of China won the "Best Pleadings Award". The team from Wuhan University was the recipient of the "Best Defense Prize". The Southwest University of Political Science and Law team was awarded the "Best Organization Award". The “Best Oralist" went to He Xiaomeng from Peking University and the five awards of “Distinguished Oralist” went to Zhang Yuehan from the University of International Business and Economics, Xu Chengyi from Xiamen University, Yu Yiqing from Zhongshan University, Zhao Yinze from Nankai University and Zhang Huanmu from Tsinghua University.

The competition was related to a multinational equity disputes case and tested players’ understanding of the jurisdiction of the cross-regional court, the scope of application of the law, and the terms of the share acquisition and joint liability. Focusing on cases about international economics, the contest geared to the trend of economic globalization and the internationalization of China's legal education, which was conducive for Chinese students to exercise and enhance their foreign-related legal capacity.

Feng Guo, Dean of the law school, said that this contest was an active exploration and a successful attempt for creating an innovative talent training mechanism against the backdrop of law school’s “double first-class” construction. It is expected that the contest can bridge universities and help to put theory into practice.

Li Dajin pointed out that the success of the contest should attribute to the elaborate preparation and efforts of all parties. He hoped the event could be further develop and expand into a brand activity to present more splendors.

Zhou Yezhong emphasized that this contest provided a training platform for law students, where they could fully integrate theoretical knowledge and judicial practice. He encouraged the students to, in the belief of “China in the rule of law” and with a productive mind, criticize the imperfections while getting them improved along the socialist law path with Chinese characteristics.

(Rewritten by Jing Huichao)

(Edited by Zhenglingling, Shen Yuxi, Liu Jiachen and Liu Xiaoli  )


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